the group costume as a site for sisterly thinking and oraclic confusions

performance with polly wright

part of «untitled (orificially yours)» with anastasia mccammon, elien ronse, eric peter, joannie baumgärtner, julian petru fricker, karina sarkissova, simon(e) van saarloos, zachary schoenhut and sara giannini, arnisa zeqo, geo wyeth

coop summit, dutch art institute, museo delle cere anatomiche, cagliari (it), 28 jun 2019

the costume can be arranged by many or few people simultaneously. a big garment of sewn-together pieces of fabric, it hosts personalised holes which allow the appearance and disappearance of specific body parts. in itself an organism it also hosts other organisms and through its holes, information and body parts can traverse, altering their nature and influencing both the inside and the outside. an osmotic being, the costume is mediating between what happened in the past and what is happening in the present and predicting a possible future. the costume is a digestive system. it can be fed with pieces of fabric which activate its different liquids and mechanisms, languages and dance moves. the newly produced liquids, movements, states of being, words, sounds emerge through the holes and infuse its surroundings. this moment of digestion shall be understood as a moment of meditation, a temporary fragment dedicated to condense memories and unfold their potential. the costume is accompanied by handkerchiefs. the oraclic spell, the magic words printed on those handkerchiefs surround a hole through which the glossary-map is metaphorically hushed, smelled, heard, felt. the handkerchiefs are the offspring of the costume, depicting only a part of a part, a chance to evade the whole, a chance to remember and fill in the gap with what is palpable. the handkerchiefs are scented with the non-identical twins perfume - a fusion of characters who signify a meeting of minds, psychically in-sync.