spell for *bluescht

score, scent, garments − marc n hörler
performers − marzella ruegge, raphael vuilleumier, marc n hörler
camera, sound − michèle flury
kunstmuseum appenzell, 20 november 2021

spell for… is a serial performance format. situated within a research praxis on the magical and alchemical symbioses of linguistic and somatic articulation, it investigates world-making and poetic potentials. by bringing together language, sound/voice and smell, new registers of meaning and knowledge production are explored. spell for *bluescht opens a space to reclaim and think about dominant cultural narratives that parallel sexual deviancy with botanical metaphors from the viewpoint of queer affect and sociality. lavender, violet and carnation are all prominent flowers that carry a lot of meaning in queer history. each flower is represented by a voice and opens a space of meaning with its unique scent profile. the weave of both sonic and olfactory accords creates a multisensory polyphony that carries meaning and stories. bluescht is the swiss german (appenzell) expression for blossom (n.), while the asterisk indicates a diachronic retracing and rewriting of this notion through doing.