phonemic transmutations

healing, world-making and glamour
in performances of enchantment

phonemic transmutations investigates the linguistics and poetics of performances of enchantment. at the centre of this investigation lies an understanding of poetry as spells, the friction of linguistic as resonating paralinguistically on sensory levels beyond the visual and the aural, and the magicoalchemical potential for transmutation that lies in these performances of enchantment. the thesi reflects on three main aspects. firstly, it draws upon queer and feminist writing, entanglement with the alphabet and the motif of the broken open. secondly, it explicates a thinking together of swiss rural praying healers and pre-modern caribbean ritual practitioners and lastly it propose poetry as a ritual practice for queer world-making. this thesis is indebted to and draws upon queer, feminist and decolonial thought to create a space for opaque coexistence in difference. it does this by pursuing a necessarily haptic writing, a writing that resists linearity and the architecture of grammar. this embodied form of writing enacts the theoretical concerns proposed by the thesis eschewing binaries between language and the somatic, mind and body, and makes palpable the holistic ecology of phonemic transmutations.

phonemic transmutations, ma thesis, supervised by hypatia vourloumis, dutch art institute, arnhem (nl), 2020