for three voices

score by marc norbert hörler
performed by mandus ridefelt, lea rüegg, marc norbert hörler
dialogic score on herbalism, witchcraft, education, language, smell, transmission and archiving
grote kerk, groede (nl), 30 nov 2019

adapted and annotated score published as for three voices @ coven berlin

for three voices is an eclectic score for a sonic/olfactory performance with three voices. the original score—which you find in the body of text below—included the refrain’s scent (spirit, rosewater, coriander, parsley) and was performed together with mandus ridefelt and lea rüegg on 30 november 2019 at grote kerk, groede (nl). the accompanying audio is sonically annotated with theoretical as well as anecdotal fragments of research into performances of enchantment and their relation to language and poetry, healing and world-making.